• Q: What does the rent price depend on?
  • A: The price depends on the apartment type you choose and the length of your stay. The longer you stay, the better the price. Get in touch with us for more details.


  • Q: Are utilities included in the rental fee?
  • A: Utilities (water, heating, electricity, some maintenance) will be added to the rental bill each month. The utility bill is fixed at:
  • – 59 euros for “Private”
  • – 69 euros for “Private Plus”
  • – 39 euros for “Shared”
  • – 49 euros for “Shared Plus”
  • – 69 euros for “2-room Private”


  • Q: Can I choose any move-in and move-out date?
  • A: You can choose any move-in and move-out date. However, in case of moving-out, note that the rental fee is only accounted as a full month or half month. In case of moving-in, the rental fee is calculated on a daily basis.
  • If you move out before the 16th, you will have to pay half of the month’s rent and utilities. If you move out on the 16th or later, you will have to pay full month’s rent and utilities.
  • So you can always move out on a different date, but your fee will be fixed as a full month or half month.


  • Q: Is there a contract fee or security deposit?
  • A: A one-time contract fee of 200 EUR will apply. Security deposit is 250 eur for Shared and Shared Plus apartments and 350 eur for Private and Private Plus apartments, which you will get back at the end of your term if all is in order.


Q: What are the basis of calculating the price of maintenance or repair works that are caused by the tenant?
A: The tariffs are following:
  • – Lessors administration fee – 30€ per every incident.
  • – Maintenance or repair fee according to the time actually elapsed for fixing the problem – 30 €/h + VAT
  • – In case of product replacement – cost price of the product
  • – Fee for transportation.
  • – In case of large sized product replacement, a fee for utilization of a a ruined product.

Lessor has no obligation to present a source document to justify the amount of the cost to maintenance and repair work.

Before I sign the contract

  • Q: Can I see the apartment before I sign the contract?
  • A: Of course. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to show you the apartments (if available) on your preferred time.

Apartments and the property

  • Q: What apartement types can I choose from?
  • A: There are two types of studio apartments (Private and Private Plus), and two types of apartments where two people each have a bedroom but they share the kitchen and the bathroom between them (Shared and Shared Plus). We also have 2-room Private apartments.


Q: What is the size of the apartment?

    • A: The size of the apartment depends on the apartment type.
    • – Private: 16m2
    • – Private Plus: 20m2
    • – Shared: 25m2 (one bedroom approx. 7,5m2)
    • – Shared Plus: 32m2 (one bedroom approx. 10m2)
    • – 2-room Private: 25m2


  • Q: What is included in the apartments:
  • A: All of our apartments are fully furnished. Each apartment has a kitchen (sink, fridge, cabinets, electric hob, but no oven), a washer-dryer, and the furniture as shown on the photos and the apartment layouts.


Studio apartments (Private and Private Plus) come with a Murphy bed (couch and fold-down queen size bed). Shared apartments (Shared, Shared Plus) and 2-room Private apartments with fold-out sofa bed. Each apartment will also include a desk, a chair, shelves, wardrobe, a carpet and curtains.


  • Q: Can I bring my own furniture?
  • A: All of our apartments are furnished, and we do not offer the option to rent unfurnished or partially furnished apartments.


  • Q: What facilities are there available for tenants?
  • A: There is a ground floor lobby and top floor co-working/co-studying area available to use for free. Tenants can also use a dedicated bike storage for free. In addition, we also have the rooftop terrace which will be available for all tenants to enjoy. Not to mention, there is a parking lot under the building, but due to limited spacing this can only be used as an additional service.


  • Q: What is the exact address of the building?
  • A: We’re located in Kristiine district in Tallinn, at Liimi 1b.


  • Q: Why is your building not on Google Maps Street View?
  • A: Eduard House by Larsen Apartments is a brand new building, which was opened in August 2019. We should get on the map anytime Google finds time to update the map in our small region, but you can already find Eduard House by Larsen Apartments as a separate property on Google Maps in general.


  • Q: Do you offer any additional services?
  • A: We provide the following selection of Welcome Packages and additional services to make your move-in and life more comfortable:
      • – Welcome Package “Clean Sheets” – all you need for sleeping and showering (pillows, blanket, bedlinen, bedsheets and a set of towels). One-time purchase 80 EUR (new) or rent 5 EUR / month
      • – Welcome Package “Master Chef” – all you need for preparing and eating your food (plates, cups, pot, pan, kitchen utensils, etc). One-time purchase 80 EUR (new) or rent 5 EUR / month
      • – Add-on service “Instant Meal” – all you need for those quick meals (a microwave and a kettle). Rent 6 EUR / month
      • – Add-on service “WiFi” – all you need for hi-speed Internet connection in your room. Rent 20 EUR / month
      • – Add-on service “TV rent” – all you need for those movie nights (32-inch or 43-inch TV). Rent 8 EUR or 15 EUR / month
      • – Add-on service “Parking Spot” – all you need for your car (allocated parking spot under the building). Rent from 20 EUR / month
      • – Add-on service “Cleaning service” – all you need for your clean and tidy home. Price from 16 EUR.


  • Q: Is WiFi included in the price?
  • A: Yes, free WiFi is included in the 2 main common areas of the building – ground floor lobby and 8th floor co-working area. You can also order a WiFi into your room for an additional fee.


  • Q: Is bedlinen included in the price?
  • A: No, but you can order a Welcome Pack “Clean Sheets” from us to make sure they would be waiting for you in the apartment.


  • Q: Can I order a cleaning service?
  • A: Yes, you will be able to order a cleaning service according to a schedule. In case you’d like to clean everything yourself, we also have a vacuum cleaners for everyone to use.


  • Q: Can I order laundry service?
  • A: No, but each apartment includes a washer and a dryer (2-in-1) so you could do your own laundry with ease.

Moving in

  • Q: Can I arrive and move in at whatever time of the day?
  • A: You can move in at any time after 16:00, which is the official check-in time. The house operates a smart key system, so that you will be granted access to the building without our staff having to hand over a physical key. This means you can show up in the middle of the night and you will still be able to move in without any assistance.


  • Q: Will I get a key?
  • A: Yes, you will receive a virtual key to your smartphone to access the apartment for the first time. There will also be a key card waiting for you in the room. We will send detailed instructions before your move-in. We strongly recommend to use the key card in the first place!

Living at Larsen Apartments

  • Q: Can I register myself into the apartment as a citizen of Tallinn (for free public transport)?
  • A: Yes, you can do that!


  • Q: How many people are allowed to live in the apartment?
  • A: Normally, one person per apartment (Private and Private Plus) or one person per bedroom (Shared and Shared Plus). In Private and Private Plus apartments additional fee will apply for the additional person. If you have a special request, let us know and we will attempt to accommodate it.


    • Q: Can I share my apartment with my significant other?
    • A: Yes, if you are living in Private or Private Plus apartment. Additional fee will apply for his or her utilities.


  • Q: Can I have my friends over? 
  • As long as the house rules are followed, your friends can visit as much as you like.
  • Q: What are the house rules?
  • A: House Rules generally follow the common sense – being courteous, cleaning up after yourself, respecting the quiet hours, etc. Detailed list of house rules is sent to every tenant among with the contract.

Q: What are the quiet hours in all areas of the building?

A: 22:00-06:00 during weekdays

00:00-08:00 during weekends


Q: Any rules about consuming alcohol in the building?

A: Please don’t consume any alcoholic beverages in public areas of the building on these times:

22:00-16:00 during weekdays

00:00-16:00 during weekends


  • Q: Can I smoke in the apartments or the building?
  • A: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the premises of Larsen Apartments. A fine in amount of 500 EUR will apply.


  • Q: Can I bring pets?
  • A: We believe our compact apartments are not the best place to bring your pets. However, if you wish to bring a pet, please let us know and we will let you know if it is allowed based on the size, nature, and individual circumstances. Extra deposit may apply.


Q: What should I do if I’ve forgotten my phone and key card into my apartment after I’ve left?

A: Try to find someone who you can borrow a phone from and call us and we will send a USS Security worker to open the doors. NB! A call-out fee of 30 EUR will apply.

Moving out

    • Q: Can I extend my contract if I wish to stay longer?
    • A: We cannot guarantee that you can extend your original contract. You can extend your contract as long as we haven’t already pre-booked your room to someone. If you wish to extend, please let us know as early as possible! Note that the rental rate and conditions may differ from your original contract, and you may have to move to a different apartment.

      • Q: Do I have to clean my apartment before I move out?
      • A: We expect you to leave the apartment in the same condition it was upon your arrival. Although we will order the final cleaning of the apartment and the fee of 50 EUR will be deducted from the deposit.


Q: Can I terminate the contract early?

A: Yes, the lessee may cancel the agreement by submitting the lessor at least 30 days prior notice attached with the payment order of cancellation fee. The cancellation fee constitutes of the amount equal to two month’s rent (utilities will not be included). The agreement shall be terminated after 30 days as of the receipt of the cancellation fee to the Lessor’s account.


  • Q: What does the payment process look like?
  • A: We will send a monthly invoice for rent, utilities, and add-on services on the 1st day of the month via e-mail.


  • Q: When do I have to pay?
  • A: All invoices should be paid within 5 days from receiving the invoice.


  • Q: What are the accepted payment methods?
  • A: We only accept bank transfers to our Estonian bank account.


  • Q: Can I pay in cash?
  • A: Cash payments are not accepted. If there is no way for you to make the bank transfer, please try to find a friend, who can help you out.


    • Q: Can I receive mail at the apartment?
    • A: Yes, each apartment has a personal mailbox to receive mail.